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Our company RUXS is widely used in the machine-building sphere.

RUXS can produce springs for various industries – automotive, mechanical engineering, etc. The company has new modern spring-coiling equipment from Austria, which allows producing a wide range of compression springs of various types and configurations: cylindrical, conical, barrel-shaped, curly. It is possible to manufacture springs with variable pitch. On a spring-coiling machine, the production of compression springs is carried out by cold winding from wire with a diameter of 7 mm to 16 mm, the largest outer diameter of the springs is 250 mm, the least 40 mm. We wind springs from wire Ø7-16 mm from grades 50CrSiA, 55CrSiA, 60Si2MnA, 67CrVA, 65Mn, 70 according to EN 10270-01 (GOST 14959 65, 70 75 80 60G 65G 60C2A, 60C2, 55C2A 55C2).
Focusing on vehicle suspension springs, they are manufactured from high quality drawing-grade steel.
A heat treatment process (quenching, tempering) is used to improve the mechanical characteristics. An anti-corrosion coating (epoxy-polyester) is applied to extend the life of the springs and improve corrosion resistance. All production is carried out strictly according to the technological process. The product quality is guaranteed by strict control at all stages of production. This also includes checking technological parameters using special devices.

We produce the following types of springs:

1. by type of deformation

– compression

2. by shape, by design

– conical
– cylindrical
– barrel-shaped

3. by type of end processing

– with tightened and not tightened turns
– unpolished

Cold winding technology

quenched and tempered

  • the wire passes the incoming quality control in accordance with the ISO quality certificate, the chemical composition and mechanical characteristics of the steel of each batch are controlled;
  • the winding operation is performed on the Austrian machine SOM-16 СNС;
  • quenching and tempering is carried out with a constantly running fan;
  • shot-blasting or shot-blasting hardening is also one of the last operations of the technological process, which increases the dynamic strength and durability of the springs;
  • upsetting of springs is carried out until complete contact of the coils repeatedly on a hydraulic press (plastic cold sediment), while the deformation of the outer fibers of the coil section exceeds the elastic deformation by 50 … 100%;
  • painting, corrosion protection, produced in a spray chamber to ensure an attractive appearance of products, protection from aggressive external conditions (springs are epoxy-polyester powder paint). The automated powder coating line includes modern high-class European equipment and provides the highest quality coating;
  • static load control is the last step in the manufacture of vehicle suspension springs. Absolutely all products at the TLS 5000I stand pass this stage;

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